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Police investigation of the suburban house where Officer Parkinson was found.

The Subruban Devil Case set EvoCity on edge in the mid 80's. It introduced one of the most feared killer in EvoCity besides Sebastian and Leopold Breen. It lasted for about a week, but lasted in everyone's minds for the rest of their lives.


The case began when fourteen-year-old Shelley Parkinson was declared officially missing on May 8, 1985. The bodies of Brittany Sparks and Officer Johnathan Taylor were also found near billboards announcing Shelley's disappearence. Officer Bill Parkinson was assigned to the case as by request. He did not want a repeat of his late daughter, Marie Parkinson. However, on May 14, 1985, Officer Parkinson was relieved of his duties for killing an inmate. He was days away from his 40th year on the force and retirement. Days later, his body was found next to his daughter in the basement of a suburban house during an investigation. Shelley Parkinson's mutalated body was also found inside of a house near Lakeside. The case turned cold after Zachary Brennan never showed up anywhere. He had practically vanished. The case was closed on August
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Bill and Marie Parkinson's recovered bodies.

15, 1985.


Zachary Brennan's name was feared citywide. The story of The Suburban Devil has been published as books, movies, television specials, documentaries, and even a show that ran for three seasons. His name was forever remembered, and there were even some conspiracies about the Suburban Devil case. However, one thing remained; he was still out there.

Shelley Parkinson's remains.