Leopold (right) and Sebastian (left) in front of the Tides Hotel in 1944.

Sebastian Breen (February 9, 1907 - September 10, 1947) and Leopold Breen (February 5, 1910 - 1949) were the founders of the Tides Hotel in Evolution City. They both received their education of business from their private school master, Rupert Cunningham. They shared a childhood friend, Leonardo Holmes, who planned to found the Tides Hotel along with them, but he decided to just go into his music career instead.

Sebastian BreenEdit


In 1927, Sebastian was privately taught by Rupert Cunningham about running business and the major secrets of  running it the most efficent way you possibly can. Rupert also taught him that, "Murder is a crime for the common man, but a privilege to the few". This intrigued Sebastian majorly and dreamed of one day of commiting the perfect murder.


On September 10, 1947, Sebastian faked his death by suicide. He traveled to the outskirts of town, and became totally crazed. After living out there in hiding for 37 days, he finally committed suicide after murdering is friend "Albert". While this was all happening, Rupert and Leopold were still in prison.

Leopold BreenEdit


In 1931, Leopold, like Sebastian, was taught by Rupert Cunningham, who owned many of the private businesses in the industrial EvoCity. He didn't receive the same education that Sebastian did, it was just simple business owning.


Leopold Breen was sentenced to the death penalty for 3 counts of first degree murder. He was electrocuted in 1949.

The Rope IncidentEdit

On September 10, 1947, Rupert was coming over to pick up the books that Sebastian and Leopold received in the mail. Once Rupert arrived, he was suspicious of Sebastian and Leopold's behavior and the whereabouts of Leonardo. Rupert found the body of Leonardo in a the old chest his grandfather had.

Out of "fear", Sebastian faked his death and ran off from the scene. Rupert and Leopold were arrested by Officer Tony Fritz, who later became a convict, and helped with the escape of Leopold and Rupert.

Officer Bill Parkinson set out billboards all around town for the return of these convicts "dead or alive".