Edward "Eddy" Schwortz (November 30, 1949 - May 13, 1985) was a store clerk at the AM/PM in Evolution City. Through a fit of crazed fury, he fired shots at the Burger King, later causing him to be incarcerated on May 10, 1985.

Life and deathEdit

1969 - 1985: CareerEdit

Eddy became a store clerk at the AM/PM in EvoCity in 1969. The 20-year-old Eddy worked his hands to the bones at this shabby little store for the next 16 years of his life. Due to his arrest, Eddy saw nothing more than to abandon the AM/PM because he didn't see the point of them waiting for his return when he possibly might not ever return. During his working life, he would constantly take breaks and slack off, presumably to smoke marijuana behind the store.

1985: Imprisonment and deathEdit

While incredibly angry, Eddy Schwortz fired 25 shots at the local Burger King of EvoCity, and was taken into the EvoCity Police Department by Officer Bill Parkinson. Eddy Schwortz's parents bought him a dental care kit and a television set with tapes of his favorite sitcom, "The Funnies". Having this special care caused the other inmates to be jealous and attack Eddy, and steal his things. While in prison, Edward seemed to gain some kind of disorder where more time passed to him than actually did. After 3 days in prison, Eddy thought that he was in jail for 51 days.
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(1985) Eddy Schwortz at gunpoint after attempting escape. (Photograph credentials go to Chicago Davis)

Reporter Chigaco Davis tried to interview Eddy while he was in prison. Officer Bill found him talking to the inmate, then they both proceeded to try and acquire information about Zachary Brennan, who was a prime suspect for The Suburban Devil. Eddy claimed he needed some "fresh air" in order to exploit information about Brennan. Once they reached the outside, he attempted to escape Officer Bill and Chicage but he was shot twice in the leg by Officer Bill to slow him down. Officer Bill asked him over and over about Brennan's location, but Eddy was in too much of a shock. While cowering in fear,  Officer Bill accidentally shot 35-year-old Edward Schwortz to death. He had no funeral service and was buried in the old abandoned village.