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Barney Dixon

"So, yeah. Now I do coke."

Barney Dixon is one of the survivors of The EvoCity Infection of 2042, where EvoCity was turned into a baron wasteland of what it once was. All that were left were Barney, Rodney J. Baker, Eli Washington, and many others. The story of Barney is a tale of failure, frustration, loss, and drug abuse.

Early Years (2006-2023)Edit

Barney Dixon was born on February 19, 2006 to an abusive father and a bashful mother. He would keep awake constantly and listen to his father beat his mother. This made him want to vent his frustration on others. Growing up in the bustling streets of the Big Apple, he became an every day average hoodlum, spraypainting walls, breaking glass, raising hell, etc. He assembled a gang of other kids in his age group, and together they terrorized the streets of New York City after dark.

This continued until he was fourteen. While he and his friends were shattering the glass of an old apartment building, the police showed up on an account of domestic disturbance. One of the kids gave the cop a hard time, and the cop shot him three times in the chest. Barney never went out on the streets with anyone ever again.

When Barney was seventeen, his father finally killed his mother. His father was sent to prison, where he served a life sentence. Barney was assigned to live with his aunt and uncle in EvoCity until adulthood. After he moved out, he tried several different career choices that could show his talent. He tried acting, writing, directing, and many more, but no one would acknowledge his existance.

Adulthood and Death (2036-2053)Edit

After declaring himself an absolute failure, Barney turned to drugs to help him steady his nerves. He became a cocaine addict in the spring of 2042, when The EvoCity Infection was beginning to
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The three posing for a picture during a night on the town. (Left to right: Barney Dixon, Rodney J. Baker, and Eli Washington)

become an issue.  Then, the infection spread to downtown, where he met Rodney J. Baker and Eli Washington. The three formed together and eventually, they were friends during the apocalypse. After Rodney moved away and Eli killed himself, Barney fell into a deep depression.

He was given the title of mayor in 2051. He ran the city along with several other administrators, who were all eventually killed. In late 2052, Rodney came back to EvoCity. The two hung out together and caught up.

The city was locked down by a large gate blocking the road. But in the late spring of 2053, there was a malfunction, and hundreds of infected were let inside. There was a gruesome battle, and many people died, including Barney. He was eaten alive after being cornered by six infected. After that, Evolution City fell apart. Only small handfuls of survivors made it out alive. Barney will be remembered as a funny, smart guy, and a great friend.